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Mint and Ivy's Top 3 Reasons that
"Off-Season" Corporate Gifting
Will Give You an Edge

​Most businesses know that corporate gifting builds good will, boosts morale and helps with customer and employee retention. The vast majority of those businesses choose to send their gifts between November and January – the traditional “Season of Gifting.” While a gift at any time says that you value them and the relationship, did you know that it may be even more effective to do your gifting “Off-Season”?


Here are just three reasons why:

1. Be a Standout

While sending a gift at any time shows your employees and customers how much you value them, it could get lost in the shuffle of the busy holidays. Why not be the only gift they receive that day, week or month? It’ll be an impressive gesture that they’ll remember.

2. You can make it personal.

What if you choose to send a gift on the anniversary of your customers’ on-boarding or on your employee’s birthday? The personal connection to the occasion can make all the difference.

3. Fewer limitations.

Timing your gift giving “post-holiday” means that you’re not constrained by the themes of the season.

Whatever the season, Mint and Ivy will elevate your corporate gifting for maximum impact. Simply fill out our Corporate Gifting Form and we'll design a gifting program specifically for you.

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